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Glamping at Olive Grove

Mt. Zero Olives is located on the northern edge of the Grampians National Park, which is 3 hours west of Melbourne.



Since I have never been camping before, a friend suggested that we go ‘glamping’ instead. Didn’t even know that was a thing until she said it. Apparently it’s a fancier version of camping haha so why not? Grampians was the best destination as neither of us have ever been there so it was exciting. However, mother nature wasn’t really on our side – I think it was that time of the month. Even though we weren’t able to gaze on the stars at night, we still had a lovely stay as the staff were very friendly and accommodating.  We stayed at the Olive Grove Estate and booked our accommodation through Under the Sky.

The estate also had their own little café where we had lunch and was greeted by their adorable puppy. I’ve never really been a fan of olives but we were at an olive farm so I had to try it. I ordered their platter and oh my! It did not disappoint! It was delicious!

And yes there were kangaroos everywhere especially the next day when we went for a hike. We were going to walk to Mt. Zero carpark but we decided to drive instead as we got scared the kangaroos would jump us haha. But seriously though, they were big and bulky!

This was a nice place to visit but it would be better in summer as you would get clear skies and get to take a good look at the stars at night. If you’re like me who has never been camping and do not want to give up the comfort of having a bed but at the same time want to experience what it’s like to camp, then you should try glamping 🙂

Q: How do you keep your sleeping bag from getting stretched out?
A: Don’t sleep too long in it!



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