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You Yangs

“In every walk with nature, one received far more than he seeks.” – John Muir

You Yangs is located 55km southwest of the Melbourne CBD and 22km north of Geelong. This park is good for walking, mountain biking and don’t forget your picnic basket as there are several picnic areas throughout.

We drove up to the north end of the carpark and just started following the signs. Starting on the East walk, you will come across a massive rock where you can climb on like I did. Towards the end of the East walk track, there will be two signs to choose from – one is the West walk and the other one brings you to the Northern Range Walk. Anyways, we followed the West walk which circled back to the carpark.


The Flinders Peak takes you to the highest point of the You Yangs. Apparently, it features 450 steps with 200m in elevation. There will be a lookout where you can see a geoglyph of an eagle created by Andrew Rogers as part of the cultural activities for the Commonwealth Games in 2006.

20170806_17043320170806_17074120170806_171537(0)20170806_171621In the mythology of the Wathaurong, Bunjil is the supreme God, who still lives in the sky and who made the humans, animals, and the plants, and who taught mankind how to behave on Earth (Rogers, 2017).

Q: Where do geologists like to relax?
A: In a rocking chair



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