Crocodile Flower Stitch

8ply Acrylic yarn with 7mm hook
Note: I crocheted loosely as I found it easier to manipulate the petals in the end. 

Make a slip knot and ch 3.

20170710_144932Sl st into the first st to make a loop. Ch 1 and make 1 sc.20170710_144903Make 7 sc. This will be the number of petals.Ch 10 loosely.20170710_144837Sl st into the next st20170710_144822Ch 10 loosely and sl into the next st. Repeat until you have 7 petalsSl st into the first petal and ch 1. Make 1 sc, 1 hdc, 8 dc and ch 2.Work backwards on the remaining half of the petal. 8 dc, 1 hdc, 1 sc. Sl st into the next petal.Repeat previous step until you end up with something like this funny looking thingFix the petals around so that half of it is overlapping the other petal. You can finish it like this or you can sew in a button in the middle.



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