Places Singapore

Sentosa Island

Explore the state of fun! Sentosa is a resort island offering hotels, theme parks, casinos and many more.

Wanting to relax on a beach? Why not head to Sentosa? The island is connected by road and monorail, but if you want to capture some great shots from high above then I suggest hopping on a cable car. Unfortunately, the dark clouds grew ominous once we reached the island. Rain or shine, we wanted to ride the luge. We navigated the Dragon trail (there’s also a Jungle Trail) and raced towards the finish line. At the finish line, there was a chair lift that brings you back to the top. Hopping on the chair lift gives you a spectacular view of Singapore skyline and the South China Sea. However, as the weather wasn’t cooperating well with us, we were hit by heavy rain with no views. Mind you, the chair lift does not have a roof so yes, we were drenched haha.

Visiting Sentosa would have been better if only the weather was a lot nicer. We would have made the most of our time there and definitely would have gone on other rides.

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Q: What does the mermaid wear to maths class?
A: An algae-bra




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