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Chasing Waterfalls #1

Mackenzie Falls is definitely one of the most spectacular falls I have seen. It is about 25 minutes (18.6km) from Halls Gap and about 3 hours north-west of Melbourne.

Having lived in Australia for several years, I actually do not know why I haven’t visited this little gem before. This year, I finally went with a group of friends. I have been here twice now and it is highly likely that I will be visiting again as I feel that immersing myself in mother nature makes me less stressed. Both times I was here, I also hiked Mt. Zero and the Pinnacle.

Following the route along Mt. Victory Road to Mackenzie Falls, you will see rock formations and lookouts where you can enjoy the scenic views of the ranges. The Mackenzie Falls is about 25 minutes (18.6km) from Halls Gap. We actually got lost the first time we went here as we thought we had been driving too long and was worried we had gone past it – typical tourist. Once reached the Mackenzie Falls carpark, a steep trail descends alongside the waterfall. It was my first time seeing a waterfall in Australia up close so I was blown away by how the water flowed beautifully over the rocks.

The trail of steps are steep so be sure you’re ready for some butt and thigh workout on your way back to the carpark!

Q: What is a waterfall that goes upwards?
A: Viagrafalls


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