Langkawi Malaysia Places

Weekend Paradise

Langkawi is known to have 104 islands located in the Andaman Sea, some 30km off the mainland coast of northwestern Malaysia. The island has been duty free since 1987 so I highly recommend buying stuff on the island as they are significantly cheaper than the rest of Malaysia.

Day 1: Our flight from KL to Langkawi only took 45 minutes and we arrived on the island around midday. We were on an island so all I wanted to do was to relax on the beach sippin’ long islands, sex on the beach and piña coladas. The beach we went to had white sands and turquoise water, and there wasn’t much people so it was perfect! Some of us did water sports like the banana boat and jet ski (there are more to choose from). Thereupon, we spent the rest of the day watching the sunset, eating pizzas and drinking our desired alcoholic beverages.


Day 2: Island hopping and some water sports. We had quite a big group and half of us were returning back to KL earlier than others so we had to negotiate with some of the locals the day before to take us island hopping at a specific time. Most island hopping tours take about 4hrs which takes your to 3 islands. The first island we went to was called Dayang Bunting Marble – a silhouette figure of a pregnant maiden from afar. Upon arriving to the island, there’s a  10 minutes walk through the forest to reach the Lake of the Pregnant Maiden. Walking through the forest, you will encounter more monkeys and like I said on my Batu Caves blog, they will snatch your food away! Once reached the lake, there are a few activities you can do such as jumping in the supposed ‘magical’ waters, ride a paddle boat or a kayak, take a walk on the boardwalk which goes through the mangrove forest, or maybe just enjoy the beautiful hills surrounding the lake.

L3jumping point at Beras Basah Island

Second island was called Pulau Singa Basar, also known as the Big Lion Island. The boat stopped close off the shore where we got to admire several brown eagles from a small distance. You get to observe how they dive in for the food the visitors are throwing. We only stayed there for 10-15 minutes and headed to our last destination – Beras Basah Island. This pristine island is one of the best island hopping destinations boasting its clear turquoise water and rich green forest. The island was packed when we arrived and it felt hotter than when we were on the main island. Luckily we found a good spot under the tree for us to hide away from the scorching rays of the sun. Ensure that you don’t leave your belongings unattended though as this island is home to wild monkeys. Here you can go trekking, sunbathe or simply bring a book with you and just admire how beautiful the island is. The island is so pristine it lacks toilets.

Langkawi island itself was beautiful and had lots of activities to do but I highly recommend going on island hopping tours.

Q: What did the beach say to the wave?
A: Long tide, no sea.


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