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Chinese New Year fail?

Located in the north-west coast of the Peninsular Malaysia, Penang is the second largest city in Malaysia. It boasts its popular hawker dishes influenced by other cultures - Chinese, Malays, and Indians.



I really didn’t know much about this place so I did not know what to expect. In saying that, I did some googling whilst waiting for my flight and found out that Penang is referred to as the food capital of Malaysia, to which I immediately thought “hell yeah! I’m heading to a dreamland!”. Sadly, I don’t have any pictures of the food I had as I immediately stuffed my face in it every time my food was served in front of me and I don’t really want to show you pictures of half eaten dishes. I can assure you though that they were great! The food here reflects on the diversification of many ethnicity and cultures producing a wide variety of street and hawker food. So even if you’re a picky eater, I’m sure you will find a dish you will love.

The plan was to spend Chinese New Year in Penang to experience their local culture during this jovial celebration. However, we arrived a few days early and we were leaving on the day they start the festival. We still got to attend their Chinese New Year open house though. An open house is a public invitation to join the celebration which you are greeted with mandarin oranges encompassed by clashing cymbals. There were several performances featuring cultural dances and musical recitals.

Even though we did not get to be at the festival, we still enjoyed our stay as there were other things to do such as bar hopping, exploring the streets and admiring the wall paintings, and many more.

Check out the street arts I managed to find and capture.

Q: What kind of shoes does an artist wear?
A: Sketchers


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