Malaysia Places

Giant Limestone Caves

One of Malaysia's iconic sights are the giant limestone caves, just 13km north of Kuala Lumpur.


Batu Caves are filled with cute monkeys but I would not suggest getting too close – or maybe I’m just a scardy cat. If you don’t want to get jumped by these little creatures, I must warn you not bring any food with you (even a bottle of drink actually). Even if you put it in your backpack, they would know! They have sniffing powers!

At the bottom of the stairs, there are usually some workers in need of people’s help to bring some stuff to the top. Be it carrying buckets of soil/sand or carrying crates of bottles. One of the locals was carrying 3 or 4 crates at once! It was crazy and impressive at the same time. I think this it’s a great way to offer a helping hand.

There is no admission fee to the main temple cave but other caves have different prices. A group of us went to the dark cave which cost 35RM for adults and 25RM for children. The tour was very informative and they provided safety hats and a flashlight as it gets really dark when you go deeper into the cave. We really did not see much of the creatures they said we would but we saw quite a few millipedes. It even ran towards one of our friend to which he almost tripped and face-planted. It was hilarious! I wouldn’t be laughing if it ran towards me though haha.


You must dress accordingly when entering temples in Malaysia, especially for women. They do not allow shorts or mini skirts – you can hire a sarong at the entrance. Some temples won’t even allow you to enter if your shoulders are exposed. So better dress accordingly.

“The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek.”


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